The only way to secure your data, and make it readable only to authorized persons, is to use strong cryptography and a password long enough to resist any brute-force attacks... But is this enough ?...

Many cryptographic programs just transforms data into an unreadable encrypted data saving it as an usual file. If someone takes a look at that file, will soon understand that it is an encoded message - since it doesn?t have any meaning - and will try to break the code.

Invisible Secrets 2.1 offers you the possibility to encrypt and hide files in other files (carriers) which are not suspect of encryption. First, Invisible Secrets will encrypt the sensitive data using a specified password and cryptosystem (algorithm). After the encryption, the hypertext will be inserted in the carrier. The resulted carrier (which contains the real message) can be attached to an email message (which is a fake message), or published on a web page near hundreds of other pictures (or other carriers) from where the addressee (the only person who knows which is the right image) can download it without revealing his/hers identity.

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    Features :

  • easy-to-use yet a powerful wizard-interfaced encryption/steganography program.

  • It is also very flexible: The user can develop his own algorithms or carriers and integrate them very easy in the program

  • Two Carriers: JPG (without any data length restriction) and BMP (source data proportional with the size of the image).

  • Data compression before the encrypt/hide process

  • Mail the resulted carrier after the process or place it somewhere on the Internet through a FTP Connection.

  • A very well organized FTP Servers Library

  • Secured algorithms and carriers libraries through activation keys


You can get the latest version Invisible Secrets 4 with a 50% discount!

Invisible Secrets 4 Features

  • More Carriers: JPG, PNG, HTML (without any data length restriction), BMP and WAV (source data proportional with the size of the image/sound).

  • More Strong Encryption Algorithms: AES-Rijndael, Blowfish, Twofish, RC4(TM), Cast128, GOST, Diamond 2, Sapphire II.

  • Create self-decrypting files

  • shell integration

  • secure data eraser

  • internet traces destructor

  • Password Manager

  • IP-to-IP secured password transfer

  • Functions available through the Tray Icon

  • Cryptboard

  • Application Locker

  • A very well organized FTP Servers Library


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